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It all starts from a young age. Hell, it starts at the birth! The way people treat us, the way our parents speak to us, the way our friends look at as, the birthday wishes we receive... it all influences our personality and makes us who we are today. And who we are is one single hardest thing to change in our lives. That's where I come in!

Earth, Fire, Air


Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo): You ruin your life by not living your life to the fullest.

Fire Signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo): You ruin your life by being your own worst enemy.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You ruin your life by closing yourself off and hiding your true emotions.

Water Signs (ScorpioCancerPisces): You ruin your life by letting your past and emotions damage your future.

Posted 28 weeks ago

Raven the Pirate Princess is Sinking


I despise doing posts where I ask for help, but here we are.

About two years ago I started a new creator owned project.  It began as a spin-off of Princeless, but the reality is this - Raven The Pirate Princess is its own thing altogether.  I knew this from the first issue and if you’ve been reading, so have you.

Sure, the first few issues of Raven: Pirate Princess had that heroic lady feminist banter for which Princeless has become known both among its fans and detractors.  I mean, Raven had this scene:

and issue 1 had this scene:

But perhaps much more importantly, the first issue of Raven had this:

but that wasn’t where that ended.  This is a book about a community of diverse queer women actively claiming their place in the world and taking what’s theirs.  It’s about Raven, who is desperately in love with her childhood best friend Ximena

It’s about Ximena, a girl who was held captive for years by a pirate king who pretended to be her liberator.  Who fell in love with the pirate’s daughter, only to be left behind by that father when she outlived her value.

About Sunshine, the thief that chose the wrong target and ended up falling in love with a woman already hopelessly in love with somebody else.

It’s about Katie, the bisexual second in command who’s motivated by honor…and occasionally beating the snot out of a dude or two

Oh and in case I forgot to mention, Katie is also incredibly muscular:

And Jayla, the asexual science genius who’s tired of being treated like a little sister

and Cid, the deaf engineer who quietly keeps the ship running

and of course, these two:

The socially awkward poet and the angry sword fighter who couldn’t stand her who have somehow become these two:

But here’s the thing: this comic is failing.  It has a very dedicated and exuberant but at this point SMALL fanbase.  Today I had a hard conversation with Action Lab about the reality of the numbers on this book versus what it costs to produce this book and, suffice it to say, Action Lab isn’t ready to cancel the book, but they aren’t ready to greenlight year 3 either.  After Year 2 #13, Raven is set to go on the shelf until numbers can support continuing it.

This is where I need your help

If you care about this book full of queer pirate ladies and you want it to continue, we need to find a way to spread the word about it.  We don’t need to sell single issues (it would be nice) but ultimately we need the trades sales that back up the continuation of this big YA Pirate/Revenge/Adventure/Romance thing.

Digital copies can be bought instantly right on Comixology:

You can buy the physical volumes on amazon here:

In fact, if you’ve already purchased volumes 1-4, volume 5 is available for preorder there right now! 

Maybe you’ve bought all the issues already.  Thank you!  If you still want to support Raven, you can review the books on Amazon or other retailers, you can share, reblog or retweet this post.  You can tell a friend about the book! 

If you have a comics review site or, say, a blog where you talk about LGBT media, contact me for review links or interviews.  Please, help us save our ship.

Posted 28 weeks ago

reasons to watch a series of unfortunate events (season two)


  • genuinely confounding and original plot (which follows the books with remarkable faithfulness)
  • masterful production/costume design, and hair & make-up
  • excellent guest stars (nathan fillion! tony hale!)
  • they cast the perfect esme squalor
  • continued clever literary allusions and devices
  • a wonderful selection of musical numbers/a killer score
  • one-liners that had me s h r i e k i n g
  • some pretty darn good child actors
  • they obliterated the fourth wall in season one so 
  • a random parkour bicyclist delivering papers???
  • neil patrick harris continues to prove he is a True Performer
  • the joyous experience of nostalgia—and the rare satisfaction of a fantastic book-to-film adaptation
  • nph’s kids have a cameo 
  • seriously this show is so amazing to look at
  • it is so touching and enchanting and tragic and promotes so many valuable lessons to kids and adults alike
  • go be entertained and watch this series of unfortunate events, which has fortunately been well-adapted
Posted 28 weeks ago


You know no one really ever addressed the elephant in the room in iCarly. How come there’s just an elevator running through the inside of their apartment? like it’s a public elevator and we’ve seen other characters enter and leave the Carly’s apartment through it. It’s just there. does it run through other people’s apartments? what if you go to the wrong floor and you’re suddenly in someone elses house. one wrong button and you get front row seats to some weird kids filming some web show called “i carly” of all goddamned things. Fred Figglehorn is there. like what the fuck 

Posted 28 weeks ago


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